GSM Gateway for lifts/elevators Faltcom
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GSM Gateway for lifts/elevators Faltcom

Reference: 252236

Product suitable for lifts and elevators

The GSM Gateway allows a fixed telephone line to communicate wirelessly over the GSM network.

The ease of installation and high quality make it ideal for both fixed and temporary installations.

The GSM Gateway is particularly suitable for:

• reduce costs (no costs for landlines)

• provisional communication solutions, for example in sites lacking telephone lines

• updating the landline to wireless communication in old installations

The GSM interface simulates a telephone line making it compatible with any FältCom lift emergency phone or other telephone devices. It can be easily installed in the engine room or in any other room with good GSM coverage. Functionality and audio quality are excellent even in case of long cables between the GSM interface and the telephone for the lift.

DIMENSIONS: 165X140X64 mm

WEIGHT: 560 g


Safety Payments




Return Policies

Several GSM lift phones can be connected to each GSM interface. See the lift phone manual for more information on multiple installations.

It does not require any programming before use. It only requires a SIM card with PIN code set to "1234". The GSM interface automatically sets a random PIN code to prevent any unauthorized use in case of loss of the SIM card. SIM cards without a PIN code can also be used.

The GSM interface is powered by an AC / DC transformer or a power supply
at 10-28 V DC. In addition, it is equipped with a built-in NiMH backup battery. The battery is continuously monitored and any problems are signaled by an LED on the GSM interface.
In addition, a battery alarm can be sent via SMS or FältCom ECII® Flex.

Data sheet

IP rating
GSM Module
BenQ M25 (Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
Operation Temperature
+5° / +40° C
From 30% to 90%


GSM Gateway

Data Sheet

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