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The light improves the quality of work. Adequate lighting, the balance of luminance and glare-free help to make the most comfortable environments.
Through a lighting study we will propose you the solution that best suits your needs.



In HORECA field combine style, visual comfort for the customer, valorization of the location, energy efficiency and regulations in force is the real challenge to realize a project well done.

The collaboration with architects and designers has enabled us to realize a valuable experience in the industry, contributing to the realization of major projects with an eye to customers and management costs.



The right light, the correct color rendering factor combined with a suitable light beam allows you to valorize the merchandise for sale, exalting their quality, but also to create an environment in which the buyer can orient themselves easily in their choices and recognize the value of trademarks.


An accurate lighting design, in fact, must be able to make attractive environments to facilitate the sale and at the same time to emphasize the composition of the exhibition spaces.



Lighting is an essential part of the furniture housing.

With good lighting is better perceives the feeling of home and living comfort.
To illuminate every room you have to consider several factors: the intended use, its amplitude, the arrangement of natural light sources, ie windows and openings.

Together with our experts you can create an environment close to your way of being.


Innumerevoli studi dimostrano come la luce abbia un ruolo fondamentale nella vita di tutti gli esseri umani: ha la capacità di migliorare le funzioni vitali del nostro corpo, di influenzare positivamente la mente e l’umore - See more at:


In the design and construction of a wellness center light should create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. At the same time the light influences its aesthetics and safety.

It 's important the choice of an adequate lighting for the connection paths, where they must be always well visible possible obstacles and slippery areas.
In the fitness centers you must instead create a friendly atmosphere but at the same time stimulating for training, with a focus on energy saving.

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