LED Ceiling Lights

Selection of LED ceiling lights for lifts | Nauled Srl

In this section we offer LED ceiling lights to illuminate environments with very compact and diffused light.

We offer specific models for use in lifts, elevators and hoists, that is, ceiling lights equipped with presence and emergency sensors already integrated in the product. Many of the proposed solutions are entirely made in Italy, with high quality standards.

There is the possibility of choosing the shape of the LED ceiling light (square, rectangular round), but also of the dimensions and powers.

Opal or prismatic cover available depending on the type of LED ceiling light chosen.

The interesting thing is the selection of ceiling lights useful for different uses and needs, in fact there are models of LED ceiling lights with integrated presence sensor, LED ceiling lights with integrated emergency or with both.

The LED ceiling light is also an excellent choice for its low cost and multiple integrated functions.

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