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Aluminum profiles for LED flex strips - CUSTOM MADE | Nauled Srl

Here you will find excellent carefully selected aluminum profiles for LED strips.

Models are available for all needs and in different colors (e.g. stainless steel, white, black, etc ...)

It is possible to choose between the different types available:

> Flat aluminum profiles

> Angled aluminum profiles

> Recessed aluminum profiles

The LED profiles proposed here are all equipped with accessories that can be ordered or not:

pair of plastic or aluminum caps.

The caps are with a hole to allow any conducting wire to pass through or they are caps without a hole for use when closing the bar

fixing brackets

> the covers which can be of different finishes, for example

- satin cover

- opaline cover

-rounded cover

- transparent cover

Why choose the aluminum profile to combine with your LED strip?

The main reason for the use of aluminum profiles is the dissipation of the heat that the LED strip produces when it is turned on, in fact these allow to dissipate the heat through the aluminum body greatly extend the life of the LED strip.

second reason is protective, in fact the LED strip is protected from external agents by the aluminum profile and its cover, ensuring long-lasting operation.

The last reason is purely aesthetic, in fact the use of the aluminum profile for led strip gives a line of design, modernity and an orderly and precise effect in addition to the different light output depending on the coverage chosen.

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