LED solutions for lighting and more ... This is the phrase that best describes us.

We offer a wide range of LED lighting solutions that can be used in many different sectors. We also produce devices designed for elevator safety. However, we also offer various personalized services to offer an added value to our customers.


controllo produzione


We are organized to design and develop LED lighting products in-house. In particular, we deal with engineering and production of LED holders such as:

LED spotlights - LED ceiling lights - LED bars

We have a specific production area for devices dedicated to elevators and to increasing their safety such as:

Manual Door Lock Device - Brake Control Device

Furthermore we are able to carry out electronics developments for the management of LED lighting bodies.


servizi consulenzaADVICE

Thanks to knowledge and experience gained on field we offer our assistance in choosing the best LED solutions taking into account the characteristics of the installation site, quality-price ratio, luminous performance and energy saving.

We are also available to perform photometric studies to measure and supply information on energy emitted by an object, size, temperature and other physical properties.

Then we offer consultancy for lighting design studies and planning, very important elements both in the relamping phase and in the phase of new installations. The illuminitechnic study phase is fundamental for choosing the most suitable products to guarantee optimal lighting of the spaces. We creatively develop the potential of LEDs in special projects and assist customers on a technical level during installation and after-sales.


supporto post venditaPOST SALES ASSISTANCE

We want to let our customers know that we are always available.

Our mission is not limited to sales alone, we follow our customers at 360 degrees with after-sales assistance, guaranteeing a consolidated service for returns, reports, repairs, warranty replacements, etc.

We also offer a range of services such as online chats, what’s app assistance, assembly instructions, etc. to always guarantee help wherever it is needed.

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