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In this section of our online shop you will find some perfect ideas for improving the aesthetics of your lift cars, even with simple replacements and tricks during routine maintenance. We have selected several products that are ideal for this purpose.

LED lighting in itself is already a valuable aid to aesthetic improvement, if a consistent and suitable choice is made. In addition, our Vulcan LED spotlight can be installed on pre-existing holes up to 104 mm.

But it is also possible to modernise a lift car with custom ceilings made of ultra-light 3 mm thick dibond sheets.

Our made-to-measure ceilings can be ordered in any size, available in 4 different finishes; we manufacture the final product ad hoc according to the actual dimensions of the car.

The threshold indicator, on the other hand, is an LED light device with the function of drawing attention to the presence of any difference in level between the floor and the threshold. However, the elegant design makes it an excellent aid for modernising and customising the look of your lift car without too much effort, as it is easy to install and has a very low price.

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