Kit Relamping with button panel backlighting
  • NP188 Profile + transparent cover for Kit Relamping
  • Dimensions NP188 Profile 18,5x12,2 mm for Kit Relamping
  • NP 188 Profile Plastic Caps for Kit Relamping
  • Metal Fixing Clip for Kit Relamping
  • Strip Led SMD 2216 - 19,2W/m - 24VDC for Kit Relamping
  • Power Supply AL6024 for Kit Relamping
  • Emergency Kit EL6171 for Kit Relamping
  • Relamping kit consisting of 2 NP188 profiles, 6 clips, 4 caps, SMD 2216 led strip, 2 AL6024 power supplies
  • Kit Relamping with button panel backlighting

Kit Relamping with button panel backlighting


The Relamping Kit has been developed to replace the old neon tube lighting inside lift cabins where the light source is located inside the column button panel.
The kit consist in 2 linear LED with greater efficiency and lower consumption than the neon tube.
One of the two linear led can be combined with a kit for emergency operation.



The Relamping Kit for cabins includes:

  • n° 2 NP188 profiles + transparent cover standard 174* cm with SMD 2216 LED strip - 19.2W/MT - 24VDC
  • power cable length 100 cm
  • n°4 caps (2 with hole)
  • n°6 fixing clips
  • backlighting button panel kit:
    • n°1 led strip of 15 cm
    • n°1 led strip of 30 cm connected by cable
    • n° 2 AL6024 power supplies

Optional accessories:
EL6171 emergency kit for operating one bar in emergency.

*This lenght may vary according to requirements


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The Relamping Kit is a practical and complete kit to modernize and make the backlighting of elevator column panels more efficient.

One of the supplied LED bars is connected to both the backlight kit and the AL6024 power supply, while the second AL6024 power supply feeds the second LED bar in case of emergency.

Designed to replace the old 180 cm neon tube lighting, but can be ordered in custom sizes for use in other areas.

For a custom quote please contact us

Data sheet

74 Lm/W
1470 Lm
1740 mm (barra led)
66 W (33+33 W)
24 V


Kit Relamping Instractions

Kit Relamping Instractions

Download (1.97M)

Kit Relamping

Datasheet Kit Relamping

Download (216.51k)

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