These 10 years of experience have led us to specialize ourselves in a focused and conscious way towards the needs and demands of the elevator industry.

We deal with products for LED lighting of lift cabins, LED vain and shaft lighting.

All our LED lighting items are specifically designed to be positioned inside lift cabins, elevators or freight lifts, both in the case of routine maintenance and in the case of modernization works.

It is possible to install our LED solutions also in newly manufactured elevator cabins directly during their production phase.

Therefore we turn to both maintenance and lift installers, but also to manufacturers of cabins and systems.

The most used and appreciated products are the custom-made ceilings with led spot kits (which can also be connected in emergency), the LED ceiling lights - made in italy- with dimensions and shapes of your choice and in particular the threshold indicator device is much sought after.

The knowledge of the sector and the evolution of the company has allowed us to identify further needs, which is why we have embarked on the path of producing devices for the safety of elevators, including a device for blocking manual doors and brake control device.

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