LED Panels

Custom-made LED panels, with or without frame for interior design

In this section of our website we offer CUSTOMIZED LED PANELS OR PREFINISHED LED PANELS.

INTERIOR LED PANELS are definitely a solution of elegance and impact for any type of environment.

The led panels here have been chosen for their safety, yield and high quality.

The color temperatures available for each model of LED panel are three: warm white - cold or neutral to choose the yield according to your taste or the environment.

The advantages of using LED panels is determined by:

> great light output

> no glare

> simple surface-mounted application

>energy savings of about 90% compared to halogen

CUSTOM LED panels leave the customer the choice of size and color temperature, as well as the possibility of having the frame or not.

The customized LED panels can be positioned both on the ceiling and on the ceiling and on the wall, in short, as you wish!

... And if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us, we will be able to indicate an alternative solution to those proposed on our website!

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