LED lighting products and more.

Nauled is the point of reference on the Italian market for those who want to buy LED lighting products as we have specialized since 2009 in supplying and marketing carefully selected LED light products for the elevator sector, but also for interiors, design, offices, warehouses and shops. But not only.

We have an excellent selection of accessories for more or less articulated projects, from the LED power supply to the LED presence sensor.

We are able to offer assistance, advice on projects in progress as well as providing customized solutions.

We are LED lighting specialists

On our online store and in our warehouses there are more than 1200 references of high quality and invoice led light products, able to satisfy any need and any project to light up a kitchen, to illuminate a bathroom or to illuminate a studio, for example.

Nauled offers the best LED lighting products on the market, with continuous studies, tests and research to be able to offer the most efficient and long-lasting products, continuously testing them and choosing them carefully, since the world of LED lighting is constantly evolving.

What characterizes all LED lights is their maximum efficiency in performance. The energy saving of LED lamps compared to the previous lighting technology, reaches up to 70%, significantly affecting the costs of light. However, it is not just savings, one of the advantages offered by LED solutions: LED lights have a much longer life, exceeding 30000 hours of use, thus reducing the costs of managing and maintaining the system. Furthermore, LED lamps do not contain mercury, do not produce infrared radiation, nor do they contain light and are 100% recyclable.

Our LED Lighting Solutions


Our led spotlights for lifts and interiors meet different lighting needs, both recessed and supportive.

They are entirely - made in Italy - and made of high quality materials to offer unparalleled energy efficiency and energy savings.

The LED spotlights proposed on our website are easy to assemble, just make a hole in the ceiling or in the wall or in the plasterboard.


LED bulbs are replacing all halogen bulbs for their energy savings 70% higher than halogen and their particularly long life.

There are different types of LED bulbs that differ from one another according to their attack, their shape, their power and finally based on the color temperature (warm, cold, neutral light).

On our website we propose the GU10 and the MR16 (distinguishable precisely because of their attack) for their very quick and simple installation, you just need to check that the attack is suitable.


The bars and LED strips are the most flexible solution for lighting, from the recess to the suspension, from plasterboard to furniture, from outdoor to indoor environments.

Their function can be simply decorative or they can be used professionally. The LED strips can have numerous IP20 colors and protections (for indoor use) up to IP67 protection (for immersion).


The LED strips can be combined with aluminum profiles to achieve magnificent realizations to illuminate any angle, giving an elegant and modern touch to your environments. The profiles for LEDs are used to disperse the heat generated by the strip lengthening their life.

The aluminum profiles with satin cover hide the strip when it is off and allow for homogeneous lighting, like a single light bar, when the strip is on.


Our LED ceiling lights made in Italy are the best solution for lighting environments with very compact and diffused light.

We also offer specific models for internal use with ceiling lights equipped with a presence and emergency sensor already integrated in the product. Excellent choice for low cost and multiple integrated features.


Even the LED panels we offer are entirely made in Italy. In particular, the AS YOU WANT panel is a pride of our production so it is possible to choose sizes and finishes.


LED plates are ideal for replacing high-ceiling halogen ceiling lights. The advantage lies in the fact that it is possible to make the replacement on all the lamps or ceiling lights large enough to accommodate them while maintaining the original body or cover. This leads to an economical and very practical LED lighting solution.


In the section dedicated to LED Power Supplies you can find solutions for every need: Constant current power supplies, Constant voltage power supplies, Dimmable multi-current and / or multi-voltage power supplies. Availability of various powers, voltage and output current. The selected LED power supplies are suitable for any application sector and are guaranteed in quality and safety.

Not forgetting the 24 V converters and dimmers to adjust the brightness of the Driver LEDs.



The led emergency kits proposed on our site are perfect to combine with spotlights, bars and led strips. The selection was made accurately to satisfy every need in a limited range of models.

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