LED Flex Strip

LED Flex Strip

In this section , different types of LED strips have been selected, largely designed for the world of lifts and elevators for lighting cabin lift or platforms and hoists.

In general, the uses of this lighting technology are truly manifold: direct lighting, decoration, backlighting.

The LED strips are particularly suitable for any installation method: recessed, suspended, wall-mounted, inside plasterboards, etc ...

In short, a truly versatile, simple and effective product.

There are different types of led strips to choose from:

> Constant voltage LED strips

> Constant current LED strips

> HD (high density) LED strips

> CCT LED strips (selectable color temperature)

> Bendable LED strips

> Flexible LED strips

> Multi-line LED strips

> Side view LED strips

> Neon LED strips

> COB LED strips

> RGB - RGB + W LED strips

> Waterproof LED strips (IP 65-67-68)

The choice is yours according to your needs.

If you don't find something, feel free to contact us, we will find the best solution.

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