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Converter and Dimmer for LED light fo Lifts | Nauled Srl

In this section you will find different models of LED converter and LED dimmer.

The converter LED are substantially switching power supplies in order to convert alternating current into constant current.

To choose the LED converter for each lighting you need:

-To know the type of corresponding converter (12V DC, 350mA or 12V AC).

- To know the total power required (6 W, 15 W, etc.). To do this, we need to add up all the powers of the illuminations that we will connect to the same converter.

The LED DIMMERS devices are able to regulate the light at the level of light intensity from 0 to 100%, leaving the possibility to select the desired intensity, even intermediate.

With LED dimmers you can create different atmospheres with a simple touch and also take advantage of the energy savings offered by the LED technology.

Led dimmers have ON/OFF function with fast pressure and Dimmer function with long pressure.

Dali and Dmx dimmers

Dimmer with Master - Slave function

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