Emergency Telephones and GSM

Emergency telephones and GSM Interfaces for lifts | Nauled Srl

Emergency devices such as lift telephones are the perfect solution to European directives which require the cabins to be equipped with two-way communication means to obtain a connection with an emergency service.

The emergency telephone is the most suitable means of remote assistance for lifts.

Functional is the installation of GSM communicators, devices that allow you to convert a mobile phone line into a fixed line.

The GSM device allows you to:

- Have savings on call costs to mobile phones

- Share GSM lines between internal company switchboards

-Activate a wireless network using a 3G UMTS Sim (maybe backup)

- Integrate your company cellular network into the telephone switchboard to send and receive SMS with networked applications (CRM, LAN, PC, website, etc.)

For these devices we could only choose the best manufacturers on the market: Faltcom and Digicom, companies with many years of experience in remote alarm solutions dedicated to the LIFT world.


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