NAULED has been on LED lighting market since 2009.

In just 10 years, thanks to the enthusiasm and the imprint towards innovation of its founder Gianluca Panzeri, NAULED has become a consolidated reality, careful to customers and above all to the QUALITY of its products.

NAULED has established itself as a landmark for highly specific LED lighting solutions aimed at the LIFTS - ELEVATORS - LOADERSsector. But not only.

Currently, an internal LED design, production and assembly area is active, which allows us to create some devices, prototypes and exclusive solutions based on customer specifications.

The working method of our offices and warehouses allows us to be QUICK in answer to the demand of the mercato dell'illuminazione LED per ascensori e altri settori in cui la LED lighting marketfor lifts and other sectors where LED light is one of the main pillars.

The high quality standard of the production processes has rewarded us by making us obtain the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2019 certification for quality and enviromental engagement.

Thanks to the commitment and professionalism shown, we have been collaborating for more than 200 years with more than 200 large companies in Italy and abroad that entrust us with growing requests for LED lighting for their elevators.

While specializing in the elevator sector, we offer LED lighting solutions for architects, retailers, offices, shipyards and hospitals satisfying the growing demands of modernity and design, but also of sustainability and energy saving

In recent years, we have taken a further step forward by designing systems and devices to monitor the safety of elevator systems.

Our strengths:

✔️ quality products

✔️ ability to supply large volumes in a short time

✔️ attention to consumption and sustainability

✔️ post sales assistance

✔️ continuous growth, stability and flexibility

We can say, today, to be a company in continuous growth and evolution, keeping a heart on a human scale.


What we focus on most is to provide high quality and reliable products in order to gain the trust of our customers and establish ourselves as landmark partner in Italy and Abroad for the supply of specific LED lighting.

We offer added value through speed and in-depth knowledge of this market by offering high-tech solutions.


Sustainable character, excellent lighting, low energy consumption.

Nauled Srl pays particular attention to sustainable development by providing innovative LED lighting systems, able to guarantee reliability and efficiency combined with significant energy savings.


Gianluca Panzeri CEO - Founder


CEO & Project Manager

GIORGIA MONTI  administration


Administration Manager



Marketing Manager

BARBARA nauled production manager


Production Manager

KATIA  customer service nauled


Customer Service

Claudio Abbate responsabile commerciale nauled


Commercial Manager

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