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Power Supply Chargers for elevators switchboards | Nauled srl

The range of battery charger power supplies proposed here is designed for installation in switchboards, especially those for lifts, elevators and hoists.

Battery charger power supplies are devices used to recharge backup or buffer batteries within the switchboard that take over the power supply to keep the machine running in the event of a power failure.


The battery charger power supply is a 100% safe system: each device is equipped with protection systems against short circuits, reverse polarity and overvoltage. Highly efficient and versatile, the battery charger optimises charging and battery life itself, thanks to complete control over voltage, current and charging time.


The power supply with buffer battery is realised in an enclosure that can be mounted either on a DIN rail or on a panel using screws.

The structure is developed in height to occupy the smallest base area, in order to facilitate the placement of other components.


The available power allows powering most of the complementary devices present in lift control panels.

The models on offer provide an output voltage of 13 Vdc, 27 Vdc or 6/12 Vdc

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