Lift Emergency Telephone - 2G LIFT DIALER - Digicom
  • Lift Emergency Telephone - 2G LIFT DIALER - Digicom
  • Remote Lift Alarm System - 2G LIFT DIALER - Digicom
  • Remote Lift Alarm System - 2G LIFT DIALER - Digicom
  • Remote Lift Alarm System - 2G LIFT DIALER - Digicom

Remote Lift Alarm System - 2G LIFT DIALER - Digicom

Reference: 8D5897

The 2G LIFT DIALER is a remote alarm system for lifts with built-in GSM module and with the management of the traditional fixed telephone line with a new BLUETOOTH interface support! 

2G LIFT DIALER is the central unit that can be easily installed in the control panel (make sure there is a good GSM signal first).

The remote alarm system is composed by the central unit and by VoiceBox speakerphone terminals for the communication.

The vocal unit VoiceBox is equipped with speakers, microphone and 2 leds that signal the various phases of the call as required by EN81-28 regulation.

The main feature of Digicom’s system is the VoiceBox management with 2 wires only in autopowered mode.

This feature allow a quick installation and it doesn’t require any other cabling.

In case of out of order conditions or blocks of the lift, the people trapped can activate the call to the Service Center by simply pressing the button in the Car.

2G Lift Dialer will generate an identification through the DTMF protocol for the correct management by the Service Center.

Thanks to the implementation of ADEMCO protocol (as an alternative to the proprietary one)

2G Lift Dialer can be easily integrated in the exhisting softwares for the call management. Then it is possible to establish a bidirectional audio communication for the alarm management.

For this remote alarm device, a double configuration mode has been designed (DTMFe SMS tones). In fact, via SMS it is possible to configure 2G Lift Dialer in a few moments, also checking the correctness of the configuration or of the telephone numbers.


  • Integrated GSM / GPRS module
  • BLUETOOTH interface support
  • Connection to VoiceBOX with only 2 wires
  • Configuration via SMS / remote via DTMF tones / Android APP
  • SMS command to check configuration, GSM signal and battery status
  • Built-in rechargeable backup battery
  • Intercom between machine room and cabin
  • ID generation with DTMF protocol
  • Quadrifonia management




Safety Payments




Return Policies


• Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• GSM Module: GPRS/GSM Class 10
• GPRS: Multi-slot Class 10
• Class 4 (2W) in GSM at 850/900MHz
• Class 1 (1W) in DCS at1900/1800MHz
• Plug-in SIM card (1,8V - 3V compliant)


• 1 Interface 2 wires for VoiceBox “BUS”
• 1 FXS Interface for Service/Configuration phone
• Removable screw terminal board
• 1 RS232 serial port (on RJ45) for Frame Controller Telemetry
• 1 Guest USB port for local upgrade


• 1 Filter input
• 1 Technical alarm input
• 1 Relay output (n.c. /n.a) that can be activated by Tones or SMS
• Input: at +12 ÷ 24 VDC. / 1A minimum
• Li-Ion 3.7V Backup battery (optional)
• Max consumption ~12W


• SMA connector for external antenna
• Impedance: 50 ohm

DIN rail mounting kit included
• GSM antenna with 3 meters cable
Size: 115 x 80 x 25 mm
CE Mark and Rohs compliant

For the best performances of the product use 6/10 mm twisted pair (better
9/10 mm) between 2G Lift Dialer and VoiceBox.

Data sheet

Input power
+12 ÷ 24 VDC. / 1A minimum
max 12 W
115x80x25 mm
GSM Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Telealarm Digicom 2G LIFT DIAL

Data Sheet Telealarm Digicom 2G LIFT DIAL

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