Coppy - "All in One" Lift Remote Alarm system - Digicom
  • Coppy - "All in One" Lift Remote Alarm system - Digicom
  • Coppy - "All in One" Lift Remote Alarm system - Digicom
  • Coppy - "All in One" Lift Remote Alarm system - Digicom

Coppy - "All in One" Lift Remote Alarm system - Digicom

Reference: 8D5894

The new remote alarm system for lifts responds to the new needs of the sector as well as being even faster and easier to install as well as economic.

Coppy contains all the technology of the latest generation remote alarm systems for the typical installation on the lift top. Extremely versatile, Coppy is used both for new installations and for modernization.

Coppy is All In One: installation in the cabin is very simple, making it one of the fastest
systems to install. 

It manages quality two-way audio with comfort messages in multiple languages for European use.

Coppy is equipped with a 2.000mAh powerful rechargeable battery to guarantee absolute performances up to 6 hours in stand-by, even after years.
Moreover the battery (optional) is monitored according to the latest requirements of EN 81-28 regulation, reporting anomalies or the need to replace it.

In case of “out of order” conditions with lift lock, the trapped people can activate
the call to the Service Center by simply pressing the button in the Car.
The alarm call will be immediately generated through the telephone line and at the same time a comfort audio message will be played to inform that an emergency call has been forwarded to the Service Center.




Safety Payments




Return Policies


Easy Installation

Easy Configuration

Compact Size

• PSTN remote alarm
• EN 81-28 standard compliant
• Bidirectional quality audio
• Installation behind Operator Panel (COP)
• Playback/Recording of comfort messages
• Local and remote configuration via DTMF tones
• Bluetooth local configuration
• Extended power range from 12-24VDC
• Voice stations management through Coppy BOX
• 868MHz IoT sensors for water in pit
and smoke


• PSTN (FXO) phone interface on screw terminal board
• 2 Voice interfaces for additional bidirectional emergency phones on RJ45
• Voice call
• Phone Book with 12 numbers related to different alarms
• Call protocols:Voice with message playback, Ring (CLI), Ademco, P100, Digicom
• Local configuration with smar tphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
• Remote configuration with voice call via DTMF
• Periodical call (72h)
• Internal clock
• Technical alarms: battery, no power, digital input, pit flooding
• Digital volume adjustment
• Excellent audio quality
• 2 Relay outputs (max 60Vcc/Vac – 1A)
• 3 Inputs for SOS button, Reset/End alarm,Alarm filter, Sensor
• 3 Leds for device status
• Support for mounting behind the cabin button panel
• Power supply 9-30Vcc - 1A min
• Rechargeable backup battery (optional)
• BLE Low Energy radio module:
Operating frequencies from 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
• 868 Radio module: Operating frequencies 868,65 MHz Frequency band 868,600 – 868,700
• CE Mark and RoHS compliant
• EN 81-28 , EN 81-20 , EN 81-70


Coppy Remote Alarm for Elevators - Application


Coppy Alarm System

Data Sheet Coppy Alarm System - Digicom

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