Bidirectional Emergency Phone System for Lifts - 4G Lift Dialer Metal Box -Digicom
  • Bidirectional Emergency Phone System for Lifts - 4G Lift Dialer Metal Box -Digicom

Bidirectional Emergency Phone System for Lifts - 4G Lift Dialer Metal Box -Digicom

Reference: 8D5896B

4G LIFT DIALER METAL BOX is a bidirectional remote alarm system for 4G / LTE elevators that can be used for both new systems and modernizations.

It combines the functionality of the previous bestseller 2G Lift Dialer with innovative features: from the Bluetooth interface for configuration, the new battery test, up to 4G VoLTE ready.

Inserted in a solid metal box, it can be installed in a few minutes on the Top of the lift or in the Pit, feeding directly at 230 Volts.

Equipped with a GSM module, it allows the connection to the mobile operators’ 4G

4G Lift Dialer is compliant with the VoiceBoxes to guarantee the maximum flexibility.
If activated by simply pressing the button in the Car, the comfort audio message will be played (selectable in different languages) and the call will be forwarded to the Service Center. 4G Lift Dialer will generate an identification for the correct management by the Service Center.

4G Lift Dialer can be easily integrated into existing call management software to perform a bidirectional audio communication for the alarm management.

4G Lift Dialer manages the 72h periodical call scheduling the frequency according to the needs of the Service Center and it can send calls of technical alarms in case of problems and/or signals (i.e. battery replacement, electrical blackout, pit flood alarm, etc.).


Safety Payments




Return Policies

• 4G frequencies
Tri-Band 800/1800/2600 MHz
LTE Cat 1 – 10.3Mbps DL, 5.2Mbps UL
• 2G frequencies
Dual-Band 800/900/1800/1900 MHz
GSM module: GPRS/GSM Class 10
• LTE Power Class
Power Class 3 (23 dBm)
• GSM/GPRS (GMSK) Power Class
Power Class 4 (33 dBm) for 900 MHz
• E-GSM band
Power Class 1 (30 dBm) for 1800 MHz
• 1 Interface 2 wires for “BUS” VoiceBOX
• 1 FXS interface for telephone (Configuration/intercom)
• Removable screw terminal board
• 1 RS232 serial port (on RJ45) for Frame Controller telemetry
• 1 gest USB port for local upgrade
• SIM CARD Plug-in (1,8V - 3V compliant)
• 3 Inputs for SOS Alarm, Technical Alarms, Filter management
• 2 Relays outputs (N.O./N.C.)
• 230Vac
• Li-Ion 3.7V / 4.000 mAh Backup Battery
• Max consumption ~ 12W
• SMA connector for external antenna
• Impedance: 50 ohm
• 4G/2G antenna with 3 meters cable
• Size: 143 x 143 x 47 mm
• CE Mark and RoHS compliant

Note: CONNECTION CABLES For the best performances of the product use 6/10 mm twisted pair (better 9/10 mm) between Dialer and VoiceBox


4G Lift dialer application in the lift elevator


Bidirectional Emergency Phone

Data Sheet Bidirectional Emergency Phone - Digicom

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