Brake Control Device for Lifts and Elevators
  • Brake Control Device for Lifts and Elevators
  • Brake Control Device for Lifts and Elevators

Brake Control Device for Lifts and Elevators

Reference: NCRS02-10MT

Ideal product for elevators

The Brake Control Device has been designed to be installed on electric lifts equipped with a machine room and speed regulator (VVVF).
The device allows you to check the correct operation of the braking unit by means of:
1) two proximity sensors (which individually check the opening and closing of the “brake chucks”)
2) checking for the presence of voltage on the contactor that powers the brake electromagnet (e.g. the running contactor).

In case of failure, the device activates and stops the operation of the lift at the latest when the car reaches the destination floor. The operation of the device (and the elevator) should only be reset manually by qualified staff.

The kit contains:
• 1 BCD device
• 1 24 VDC power supply unit
• 2 proximity sensors + 10mt cables
• 1 fixing bracket kit for sensors



Safety Payments




Return Policies



EN21015:2014 EMC - EN21016:2103 EMC

HD60364-4-41:2017 - EN60204:2018


>24 VDC device power supply
>Device absorption 16 A
>NC contact break 3 A - 250 VDC
>DC contactor coil power supply from 24 to 110 VDC optoisolated
>AC supply contactor coil from 110 to 230 VAC optoisolated

Check that the brackets for fixing the sensors in the kit are suitable for the use on the braking unit on which the device is to be installed. Otherwise provide locally.



Brake Control Device

Data Sheet

Download (745.61k)

UNI 10411-1:2021 Certification

Standard UNI 10411-1: 2021– par. 11.1.4 Certification for BCD device

Download (603.71k)

Istr. Brake Control Device Sens8

Instruction Brake Control Device Sens8

Download (1.98M)

Istr Brake Control Device Sens12

Instruction Brake Control Device Sens12

Download (1.96M)

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