LED Emergency Kit EL6171/3 - Autonomy 1 h - Batt 4,8 V - 1,6 Ah
  • LED Emergency Kit EL6171/3 - Autonomy 1 h - Batt 4,8 V - 1,6 Ah
  • Dimensions battery and LED Emergency Kit EL6171/3

LED Emergency kit EL6171- 60 V - Autonomiy 1 h - Batt 7,2 V - 1,6 Ah

Reference: EL6171/3

Suitable product for elevators


For further technical info download datasheet in "attached documents"

> Maintained or non maintained operation

> Suitable for electronic driver, dimmable electronic driver

> Adjustable version dip-switch, constant current or constant voltage to power LED to
LED modules

> Connected to power supplies with maximum output voltage and curent 90V and 2A

> Automatic operation

> High temperature NiCd batteries

> Charge indicator with led

> Protection device against extensive discharge

> Rest mode facility with remot control device

> Self diagnosis system with internal module, optional (EL61..-C)

> DALI self diagnosis system with internal module, optional (EL61..-D)

> Charging device with supply is reinforced insulation able to recharge the battery
normally after the test in clause 22.3 of the IEC 61347-2-7:2007

> Complying with EN61347-2-13, EN61347-2-7, EN61547, EN55015, EN60598-2-22,
EN61000-3-2, SELV


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Battery V-ah

Safety Payments




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Data sheet

7,2 V - 1,6 Ah
Supply current
20 mA - 0,6
Emergency output current
350-60 mA
350-80 mA
350-160 mA
350-300 mA
156x51,4 mm
Max distance between inverter-lamp
3 m
Led mounting Hole
8,8 mm Ø
Lengh battery cable
200 mm
lengh led cable
800 mm
terminal board capacity
1,5 mm2
Cable with diameter
2x0,75mm2 - H03VV-F
Ambient Temperature
0 ÷ 50° C
Max case temperature
70° C
Recharging time
24 h
Supply Voltage
220-240 V - 50/60Hz
Emergency working voltage
9-12 V
9-24 V
9-45 V
9-57 V


Emergency Kit EL61

Data Sheet emergency kit EL61

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Emergency Kit EL61

Installation Instructions

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Declaration of Conformity EU

Declaration of Conformity EU EL Series

Download (825.83k)

EL61-ELT61 - Flux Chart

Emergency Kit EL61-ELT61 - Flux Chart

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