Emergency Telephone Faltcom ECII ® Flex ALBU ( integrated button)
  • Emergency Telephone Faltcom ECII ® Flex ALBU ( integrated button)
  • Emergency Telephone Faltcom ECII ® Flex
  • Emergency Telephone Faltcom ECII ® Flex ALBU ( integrated button)

Front Plate with button for Emergency Telephone Faltcom ECII ® Flex DUO

Reference: 252266-05

Suitable product for lifts and elevators

Kit for installation of the Telia ECII™ Flex DUO Lift Phones in the car (Surfaced mounted), with integrated alarm button.

Delivery package includes:
- Large Front Plate with pictograms
- Large Frame
- Art No 90BA53A: Push Button Alarm


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EC II Flex Duo is an emergency alarm system designed with focus on safety and high operating reliability. The phone is made of vandalism-proof stainless steel and has safety screws. Mounting to the elevator car is easy, and you can choose from several mounting options: infront of/behind operating panel, with/without frame, with/ without alarm button. If desired, more speech units can be connected above or below the car - hence, offering a flexible solution.

The Duo is an updated version of the EC II Flex with similar apperance but multiple added features that allows for self-testing, power supply redundancy, accelerometer hard- and software improvements, pictogram, and output relays, as well as improved audio quality for all pre-recorded messages. Another update is the unified software which opens up all software options to all customers.


Size: 140x126x25 mm (ECII Flex), 100x90x19 mm (ECII Flex Cop), 195x126x25 mm (ECII Flex Albu).
Weight: 235 g (ECII Flex), 200 g (ECII Flex Cop), 325 g (ECII Flex Albu).
Enclosure: 1.5 mm stainless steel (ECII Flex), 1.0 mm AluZinc (ECII Flex Cop), 1.5 mm stainless steel (ECII Flex Albu).
Working temp.: +5°C to +40°C.
Humidity: 30% to 90%.
Indications: Sound, yellow and green LEDs and pictogram.
Alarm inputs: Three inputs, with individual acknowledge mode, alarm function, alarm code, alarm receiver and protocol.
Microphones: Up to two external microphones with a built-in alarm button can be connected.
Power consumption:Powered via telephone line (max 60 mA@50VDC) but can also be powered via 12-24 VDC port or emergency power as needed.
Loop amplifier: Connection to loop amplifier with AGC.
Programming: Built-in keyboard, standard DTMF telephone, flex programming app, via computer software and modem.
Alarm protocol: CPC, P100.
Tone signals: DTMF.
Voice messages: Up to 2 different 16-second-long voice messages to be played on various occasions.
Speech exchange: Duplex or simplex.
Test alarm: Once a day to once every 30 days (configurable).

Data sheet

Alarm Input
Two, one of those is configurable
Using the integrated keypad, DTMF telephone or remote via PC
Alarm protocol
CPC, P100
Operation Temperature
+5° / +40° C
From 30% to 90%


Faltcom emergency telephone

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