LED Touch Sensor for Bars and LED Strips - Dimmer + ON/OFF

Reference: TD002

Extended touch LED sensor to adjust LED bars or strips light intensity.

To adjust the intensity of the light, once turned on, just keep the power button pressed for a long time to adjust the luminous flux.

Pressing the button in single and fast way you can turn off or turn on the light source (ON / OFF)

Input: 12V ~ 24V

Power: 96W for 12V / 192W for 24V

Output Current: 8A max

Dimensions: 10x47mm

Single pressure: ON / OFF

Long press: Dimming

The spring can be shortened.


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Single pressure LED sensor to switch the light source on or off (ON / OFF)

Instead, applying a prolonged pressure regulates the light intensity.

Extending the touch when the light is off will adjust the light from minimum to 100%.

If instead the light is on, the extended touch will decrease the brightness to the minimum.

funzionamento sensore touch dimmer td001

Data sheet

Output Current
8A max
96W (12 V)
192W (24V)
Sensor Type
Touch Dimmer LED


TD002 Sensor

Data Sheet TD002 Sensor

Download (88.11k)

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