Motion Sensor for Bars and LED Strips - Switch ON/OFF

Reference: PIR-SW001

LED motion sensor for bars and LED strips.

Once the sensor is positioned on the LED light fixture, it will detect the movement of a body up to 2 meters of distance and in this case it will activate the light.

If no presence is detected within 2 meters, after 40 seconds the LED sensor will turn off the light automatically.

Input: 12V ~ 24V

Power: 96W for 12V / 192W for 24V

Output Current: 8A max

Dimensions: 10x43mm

Working Distance: 2m

Switch-off time: 40 seconds

Automatic ON / OFF

This sensor model is equipped with a cable to be able to use the LED motion sensor even on deeper profiles.


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The LED movement sensor is applied on LED bars and led strips with profiles.

This sensor model is equipped with a cable in order to be able to be adapted to multiple types of LED profiles

Once mounted, the sensor will detect the presence of a moving body up to 2 meters away and will switch off after 40 seconds of no detection.

dimensions motion sensor PIR001

Data sheet

Output Current
8A max
96W (12 V)
192W (24V)
Sensor Type


PIR-SW001 Sensor

Data Sheet PIR-SW001 Sensor

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