Kit 4 Recessed Round LED Spotlight 63-85 - 3,5 W - recessed hole ø 65 mm + Power Supply AL1535 + extentions + wirings

Reference: KIT4-63/85

Suitable product for lifts and elevators

Kit 4 round recessed LED spotlights with reduced overall dimensions, only 23 mm.

Complete and ready-to-use equipment. Spotlights kit immediately ready for installation!

Ideal LED spotlights for recessed application on ceilings or false ceilings.

Elegant aesthetics, stainless steel finish.

4 led spotlights 63-65 kit composition:

n. 4 recessed LED spotlights

∎ n. 1 AL1535 power supply - 350mA constant current - power: 16,1 W

∎ n. 4 pick & light extensions - length 1 meter

∎ n. 1 4-way wiring

There is also the possibility of emergency integration for one or both spotlights with our emergency kits!

N.B.The characteristics listed in "Product Details" refer to the single LED spotlight.



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The 63-85 recessed LED spotlight kit has been designed specifically for those who need or are looking for a ready-to-use solution for installation.

The set is complete with: 4 led spotlights + AL1535 power supply + 4 extensions + 4-way wiring.

Nothing else is needed!

Characteristics of the 63-85 LED spotlights:

∎ Round recessed LED spotlight with reduced overall height, only 23 mm.

∎ METALCORE Printed Circuit with 3 CREE brand LEDs

∎ Body in anodized aluminum

∎ 350 mA constant current power supply

∎ Nominal voltage 9.9 Vdc

∎ Power 3.5 W

∎ Recessed hole diameter 65 mm

∎ Body diameter 63 mm

∎ Ring diameter 85 mm

Data sheet

9,9 Vcc
Max Current
350 mA
Max Power
3,5 W
View Angle
Recessed hole diameter
65 mm
Ring Diameter
85 mm
Body Diameter
63 mm


LED Spotlights Kit 53-85

Datasheet LED Spotlights Kit 53-85

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