Lift cabin floor replacement in LINOLEUM material
  • Lift cabin floor replacement in LINOLEUM material
  • Lift cabin floor replacement in LINOLEUM material
  • Lift cabin floor replacement in LINOLEUM material

Lift cabin floor replacement in MARMOLEUM (Linoleum) material

Reference: NL-PAV-MAR

Product suitable for lifts

Need to modernize your elevator car and upgrade your floors with Marmoleum material?

Most importantly, are you looking for quality and complete?

The solution is here!

We propose ideal solutions for elevator car modernization through the application of custom-made Marmoleum panels with your choice of finish.

Most importantly, we offer a complete service from A to Z.


✔️Assistance in choosing the most suitable finishes for your elevator floor: Marmoleum finishes are available in warm, cool or fancier shades but always with a fantastic marble effect!

✔️Full quotation based on your choice and the rough measurements provided.

✔️Physical inspection* for verification of correct measurements and structure.

✔️ Scheduled delivery.

✔️Reduced downtime: elevator not usable for maximum 24 hours only!

✔️Direct workmanship and installation by in-house, highly skilled technicians.

✔️Issuance of end-of-work summary document with customer verification of work status.

✔️Maximum availability to meet specific requests and customizations.

*guaranteed only in northern Italy

Choosing Marmoleum for elevator cars floor replacement and modernization can be a viable solution to modernize in an elegant and modern way, while maintaining a high quality/price ratio.



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Return Policies


✔️Technical consulting

✔️Certified and verified quality materials

✔️Complete service from quotation to installation

✔️Pre- and post-sales assistance



What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is a natural product, consisting of 97 percent natural raw materials, 70 percent of which are rapidly renewable, and with a recycled content of 43 percent. The main raw materials used in the production of linoleum are: linseed oil, wood flour, which comes from wood waste harvested in controlled forests, and jute, whose fibers provide the base on which linoleum is calendared.

What makes Marmoleum special is that the raw materials used in its production are harvested from the natural habitat where they grow and renew themselves, in some cases within just 12 months.
All this makes Marmoleum a natural floor covering that, after a life cycle of more than 30 years, can be reused. Marmoleum can be discarded because it is biodegradable.

Why use Linoleum with Marmoleum finish for your elevator floor?

● Made of natural raw materials.
● Low emissions, no plasticizers and no synthetic additives.
● The widest assortment of colors among resilient floors.
● The natural appearance of Marmoleum floors can be perfectly coordinated with wood and stone floors.
● The mixture of colors allows for great design versatility.
● Versatile and durable.
● Easy to install with the Net Fit seam method.
● Easy to clean and with excellent retention of original appearance
● Reliable, with proven performance from millions of m2 installed worldwide.

Thanks to its special features, Marmoleum is an excellent choice for flooring in almost all areas of application.



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