Lift Shaft Lighting Kit - 50 m reel LED strip 2835 (180 Led/m) 9W triple row + Accessories
  • Lift Shaft Lighting Kit - 50 m reel LED strip 2835 (180 Led/m) 9W triple row + Accessories
  • 50 m Led Strip SMD2835 Coil + closing caps + 30 wall fixing clips
  • Installation of lift shaft lighting kit inside the elevator shaft
  • Lift Shaft Lighting Kit - CUSTOMIZED LED strip 2835 (180Led/m) 9W triple row + Accessories

Lift Shaft Lighting Kit - CUSTOMIZED LED strip 2835 (180Led/m) 9W triple row + Accessories

Reference: N2835KV-1

Product ideal for elevators

Are you looking for a practical, easy and quick to install solution? But above all, a performing and lasting product?

Out led lighting kit for lift shaft and cabin roofs is the answer!



The lift shaft / cabin roof led lighting kit consists in:

  • 1  Strip Led SMD2835 - 180 Led m, triple row, luminous flux 1000 lm/m (cut in length required)
  • 1 230 Vac rectifier with 50 cm L plug
  • 1 closing cap
  • n. wall fixing clips (based on meters bought)


CHARACTERISTICS (more info in "Product Details"):

  • Power supply voltage 230Vac
  • Fully Dimmable through its Controller/Dimmer (separately sold)
  • Maximum recommended length 50 meters (for each use)
  • Possibility of cut every single meter
  • Simple to install with wall fixing clips recommended every 2 meters (plus one at the head and one at the end)
  • Degree of protection IP65 perfect for indoor and outdoor installations
  • No wire to cut or weld  


Before concluding your order, specify in the notes how many and which additional accessories you need.


Safety Payments




Return Policies

The European standards EN81-20 and EN81-50 touch points relating to the minimum requirements for the correct lighting of the shaft and the lift roof.

The minimum values ​​required must comply with the following requirements:

  • 50 lux up to one meter above the cabin
  • 50 lux up to one meter above the pit
  • 20 lux in other areas

There is the necessity to find the optimal solution to comply with the European regulations in force definitively from 1 September 2017.

The lift shaft lighting kit offers:

  • High lighting performance
  • High safety and conservation of the lighting product
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Long life and possibility to replace only the part (s) affected by damage
  • Low costs


✔️ Led strip cuttable every meter

✔️ Accessories included

✔️ 230 Vac rectifier allows you to connect directly to the power line

✔️ No wires, cables, harnesses are needed, the compartment strip is ready for use.

✔️ Easy and quick to install: just put down the strip into the shaft and use wall fixing clips to fix it. Done!

✔️ IP65 waterproof degree of protection for long-lasting operation even in not good condition environment.


Data sheet

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LED Size
17x7 mm
1000 Lm
IP rating
180 Led/m
9 W
Color Temperature
Neutral white (4000° K)


Flex strip 2835 for lift Shaft

Data Sheet - Lighting Kit for Lift shaft with Stril LED 2835 180 Led/m, 9 W + Accessories

Download (233.88k)

Strip Led 2835 Instruction Shaft

Mounting Instructions and preparation Strip Led 2835 for Lift shaft lighting

Download (1.31M)

Energy Label N2835KV

Energy Label N2835KV

Download (67.68k)

Flex strip for lift Shaft CE

UE declaration of conformity

Download (130.68k)

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