Lift Shaft Lighting Kit - CUSTOMIZED LED strip 2835 (180Led/m) 9W triple row + Accessories

Reference: N2835KV-1

Product ideal for elevators

Are you looking for a practical, easy and quick to install solution? But above all, a performing and lasting product?

Out led lighting kit for lift shaft and cabin roofs is the answer!


The lift shaft / cabin roof led lighting kit consists in:

1  Strip Led SMD2835 - 180 Led m, triple row, luminous flux 1000 lm/m (cut in length required)

1 230 Vac rectifier with 50 cm L plug

1 closing cap

n. wall fixing clips (based on meters bought)


CHARACTERISTICS (more info in "Product Details"):

> Power supply voltage 230Vac

> Fully Dimmable through its Controller/Dimmer (separately sold)

> Maximum recommended length 50 meters (for each use)

> Possibility of cut every single meter

> Simple to install with wall fixing clips recommended every 2 meters (plus one at the head and one at the end)

> Degree of protection IP65 perfect for indoor and outdoor installations

> No wire to cut or weld  

Before concluding your order, specify in the notes how many and which additional accessories you need.


Safety Payments




Return Policies

The European standards EN81-20 and EN81-50 touch points relating to the minimum requirements for the correct lighting of the shaft and the lift roof.

The minimum values ​​required must comply with the following requirements:

- 50 lux up to one meter above the cabin

- 50 lux up to one meter above the pit

- 20 lux in other areas

There is the necessity to find the optimal solution to comply with the European regulations in force definitively from 1 September 2017.

The lift shaft lighting kit offers:

- High lighting performance

- High safety and conservation of the lighting product

- Easy and quick installation

- Long life and possibility to replace only the part (s) affected by damage

- Low costs


✔️ Led strip cuttable every meter

✔️ Accessories included

✔️ 230 Vac rectifier allows you to connect directly to the power line

✔️ No wires, cables, harnesses are needed, the compartment strip is ready for use.

✔️ Easy and quick to install: just put down the strip into the shaft and use wall fixing clips to fix it. Done!

✔️ IP65 waterproof degree of protection for long-lasting operation even in not good condition environment.


Data sheet

Color Temperature
Neutral white (4000° K)
LED Size
180 Led/m
View Angle
1000 Lm
9 W
IP rating
17x7 mm


Flex strip 2835 for lift Shaft

Data Sheet - Lighting Kit for Lift shaft with Stril LED 2835 180 Led/m, 9 W + Accessories

Download (484.12k)

Strip Led 2835 Instruction Shaft

Mounting Instructions and preparation Strip Led 2835 for Lift shaft lighting

Download (654.83k)

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