Lift Covering with LAMINATE material
  • Lift Covering with LAMINATE material
  • Available colors for LAMINATE cabin paneling

Lift Covering in LAMINATE material

Reference: NRC-LEG

Product suitable for lifts

Need to modernize your elevator car and redevelop the interior with laminated wall covering?
But above all, are you looking for a quality, complete and turnkey service?

The solution is here!

We offer ideal solutions for the modernization of the lift cabin through the application of laminate panels. But above all a complete service from A to Z.


✔️Assistance in choosing the most suitable finishes: laminate finishes are available both in solid colors and with different effects according to your requests!

✔️ Complete quotation based on your choice and the rough measurements provided.

✔️Physical inspection * to verify the correct measurements and the structure.

✔️Scheduled delivery forecasts.

✔️ Reduced downtime: lift cannot be used for up to 24 hours!

✔️Direct machining and installation by in-house and highly qualified technicians.

✔️Release of a summary document of the end of the work with verification by the customer of the state of the art of the work.

✔️Maximum willingness to satisfy specific requests and customizations.

* guaranteed only in northern Italy

The choice of the laminate for the lift cabin cladding can be a valid solution for modernizing in a simple and modern way, while maintaining a high quality / price ratio.

An advantage of using laminate panels is also due to the lightness and manageability of the material, without sacrificing aesthetics.



Safety Payments




Return Policies


✔️ Technical consultancy

✔️ Certified and proven quality materials

✔️ Complete service from quotation to installation

✔️ Pre and post sales assistance


HPL COLOUR Laminate finishes: to see the available finishes open the file in "Attachments" on the right.

Other finishes, colors, decorations can be requested.

Thickness: 0,9 mm

Size: 305x 130 cm

PRINT HPL is a high-pressure decorative laminate, in other words a panel consisting of layers of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with thermosetting resins and subjected to a high pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. 

HPL is supplied as panels, available in different sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes.
Basically, 60% of HPL consists of paper, while the remaining 40% consists of thermosetting resins, tipically phenolic resin for the core layers and melamine resin for the surface layer(s). Some HPL laminates have metal layers reinforced core, while others have metal foils or wood veneers as the decorative surface.



HPL Laminate

Datasheet HPL Laminate

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Solid colors laminate finishes

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