Presence Sensor ON/OFF for UV lamps
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Presence Sensor ON/OFF for UV lamps

Reference: HC005-UV

Suitable product for elevators

This presence sensor is a switch that, when detecting the movement of people inside the lift cabin, turns off the light of the LED lamp (0% flow).

Instead, after a pre-selected time, when no people are detected, the sensor turns the UV light back on. (100% flow)


This type of operation is very useful in combination with the use of Germicidal UVC lamps inside the elevators.

In fact, this type of UV lamp can perform its sanitizing function by itself in the absence of people inside the cabin.

Activated the On / off presence sensor for UV lamps, their operation is guaranteed only in the absence of passengers in the lift cabin.




Safety Payments




Return Policies

Zero-cross relay operation

Designed in the software, sensor switches on/off the load right at the zero-cross point, to ensure the in-rush current is minimised, enabling the maximum lifetime of the relay

Detection Area

Detection area can be reduced by selecting the combination on the DIP switches to fit precisely for each specific application.


Hold-time means the time period you would like to keep the lamp on 100% after the person has left the detection area.

Sensor operation with the daylight

The sensor will not be triggered if ambient lux level exceeds the daylight threshold preset. For this product, we have set all the threshold setting to “Disable” for better use with UV light where photocell function is not needed.

Precautions and usages 

  1. For safety reasons, the sensor is preset to switch-on after 20 seconds, compared to the time set manually using the switch.
  2. In case of power cut or power failure, the status after re-powered on will be “OFF” for safety concerns.
  3. Usage: For maximum UV-light life-span consideration, we recommend to manually switch OFF the UV lights when sterilization is not needed.

N.B. We recommend to select suitable time to carry out sterilization. During the sterilization period, our sensors ensures human safety and switches OFF the UV lights when occupancy detected.



Data sheet

Warming up Time
20 s
Supply Voltage
220-240 V - 50/60Hz
Sensor Type


HC005S sensor

Data Sheet HC005S sensor

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HC005S sensor - Instractions

Instractions HC005S sensor

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