Pellicole (Wrapping) for botton panel and ceiling

Reference: NWRAP

Suitable product for lift and elevators

Do you want to modify small parts of your elevators without spending too much and without disassembling / dirtying anything?

Nauled offers the use of 3M adhesive films that allow you to give a new look to the details of your lifts in a very short time with the highest quality.

For push-button panels and ceilings.

The films can be applied quickly and / or without any interruption of working activities, leaving the spaces free and clean. No removal of existing panels or supports is required.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, textures and finishes that can meet a variety of coating and design needs and fit into both the design and maintenance or renovation of rooms.

* Light scratches or small abrasions are covered and hidden by the film, while deep grooves or dents are covered but not hidden, as the adhesive film follows the uneven surface.





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