Elevator with Dibond Panel Cladding
  • Elevator with Dibond Panel Cladding
  • Dibond panels for lift cabin coating
  • Dibond panels for lift cabin coating
  • Available Finishes for Dibond Panels
  • Dibond Panel thickness 3 mm

Dibond panels for lift cabin coating

Reference: NRIVPANN

Product suitable for lift and elevators

Do you want to redevelop the interiors of your lift cabin without spending too much and without disassembling anything?

Nauled proposes panels in Dibond that offer in a short time a new look to the cabin lift interiors with the highest quality.

Removal of existing panels or supports is not necessary.

The thickness of the Dibond sheet that makes up the panel is 3 mm.

The weight of the material is 4.75 kg per square meter.

You can choose between 4 types of finishes that can meet a variety of coating and design needs and insert them in both the planning and maintenance or restructuring phases.

Advantage: scratches, abrasions, grooves and imperfections are covered and hidden by the application of the Dibond panel! An ideal customized product to modernize your elevators in an elegant, yet simple way





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Available finishing 

                 WHITE                                                   GREY


         SATIN ALUMINIUM                                   MIRROR


A tailor-made product ideal for modernizing lifts, elevators in an elegant but simple way.

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